Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Tips To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Once cockroaches have settled in with you domestically, they are difficult to get rid of. They tarnish your food, damage wallpapers, books and electronic devices and some types also transmit diseases to humans. Give the vermin the eviction order and prevent them from coming back with traps, insecticides or barriers.

The control of cockroaches or cockroaches is usually not easy. These unpleasant insects can also transmit disease and spoil the food. They can hide anywhere in the house and become active at night when no one notices.

Do you want to get rid of these horrible vermin? There are many ways in which the unwanted beetles can be extinguished within seconds. But all these products are highly toxic and can also negatively affect our health or that of pets. For this reason , we present you today, various natural home remedies that help inexpensive and effective against cockroaches.

Prevention of cockroaches

In order to avoid cockroach combating from the outset, rooms with increased air humidity and uniformly warm temperatures (eg kitchen, possibly also boiler rooms) should be kept as free from open food as possible. In basements should be regularly removed debris, as well as possible sources of food for cockroaches can be found here. Dispose of kitchen waste always as soon as possible and always use trash cans with tight-fitting lids to give the animals no opportunity to pick up a part as prey.

Cockroach on a sugar cube - cockroach trapA regular cleaning under and behind stove, refrigerator and sink do the rest to the cockroaches no leftovers and crumbs as food source to leave. This does not have to degenerate in the private household in a Putzwahn, but once or twice a year with regular use of the kitchen, a cleaning of the hidden corners is already advisable to the vermin away in the future permanently.

Incidentally, you can also observe cockroaches in the house during the day, it can be assumed that the infestation is already well advanced, or not enough hiding places for individual cockroaches are available. Here is an urgent need for action, should it really be cockroaches.

Cockroaches are usually brought into the house in food cartons or in suitcases from travel in southern climes. When bulk purchases or purchases of technical equipment, be sure to unpack the items outside the home. Suitcases and travel bags can be well unpacked in shower tub or bathtub, one would like to avoid having to fight cockroaches in the future.

Fight cockroaches - means and possibilities
Who wants to create himself with the cockroaches without commissioning a professional, who has different options to take action against the animals. After thorough cleaning and closing all possible loopholes, you can use the following means to combat the cockroaches.

Cockroach trap with fragrance attractant
Cockroach traps ( sticking insects for cockroaches) are mainly intended to determine whether cockroaches are present at all, or to fight after intensive cockroaches to see if really no animals are left. Of course, such a cockroach trap can also be used to support further measures against cockroaches. As a sole control measure, the cockroach trap is not suitable because it does not pack the evil at the root but only caught individual animals.

Who wants to get rid of cockroaches, should rely on professional help from the pest controller (also called exterminator). Sticky traps on which the cockroach is held when passing over it can only serve to control the infestation . However, as they can not persuade hundreds of insects to poke one after another in the sticky trap, such traps are ineffective in combating a cockroach population.

Unfortunately, the pests can only be handled with poison baits . You should, however, do without insecticides for hand spraying - there is a danger of poisoning if sprays of this type get into the human respiratory tract.

Put on predatory poisons from the exterminator. The pest repeller releases appropriate toxins to kill the cockroaches in the home, gives behavioral tips and accompanies you until the spooky or cockroach infestation comes to an end. After seven days , a significant reduction in cockroach infestation is usually noticeable; after two weeks , the exterminator has successfully fought most cockroaches. However, after about four weeks , a new infestation control should take place, since some larvae could now hatch from previously deposited eggs.

Where are the cockroaches hidden?
Before the fight against vermin must be found exactly where this favorite hiding.

• In columns and holes between kitchen and bathroom furniture
• in wooden furniture
• they can get into the house, or simply through cracks, crevices or grille door s or window
• in sewer pipes in the kitchen or in the bathroom, in heating or air conditioning lines, electrical housings or false ceilings etc.
• also behind or under the refrigerator, oven, microwave oven or other household appliances, they are happy
• in cardboard boxes , drawers or other storage places for clothing, paper, fabrics, pet food etc.
• under the floor covering
• or in places with building materials, debris, wood or waste.

How to fight cockroaches?

Home remedies can be very helpful and effective. But before these are applied, the proper hygiene and order in the house must be taken into account in order to put an end to the vermin.

• Cover gaps and holes around the dishwasher, sink, shower or bath, and always keep out dryness.
• Under the furniture, mattresses, carpets, etc. and especially in columns and cavities always suck well and regularly.
• Periodically clean all drawers and shelves with books, clothes, etc.
• Do not leave unwashed dishes with scraps of food for a long time, it can also attract vermin. Pack and seal all food well, including those for pets.

Home remedies for cockroaches

• Laurel: This remedy is quite simple - it simply distributes laurel leaves to those spots where the vermin is suspected. The insects do not like the smell and will leave.

• Onion and Boron Powder: This home remedy is inexpensive and very effective, so it is widely used by many. A paste of finely chopped onions, half a cup of flour, some beer or water , a pinch of sugar and 3-4 teaspoons of boron powder (available in pharmacies) is made. Mix all the ingredients in a container and fill in bottle lids, which are then placed in strategic places. If pets are present, this product should not be used as it may be toxic.

• Soda and sugar : Mix a cup of soda with a cup of sugar and sprinkle in the house. The cockroaches, attracted by the sugar, eat the mixture. Soda produces gases, which leads to the destruction of vermin.

• Borax: This natural substance is often used for the production of soap or detergent. Simply scatter throughout the house, especially those places where the cockroaches hide. This deprives the vermin of water, which leads to death.