Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Facts About Cockroaches And The Mechanisms To Eliminate Them From Your Home

Cockroaches are one of the most notorious pests who invade our homes. No matter how clean you are, these pests always find a way to enter your home as soon as the first day your home is built. In fact, they occupy your new home even before you move in. These creatures are known to spread many diseases and varied health risks which can result in Dysentery & Gastro-enteritis, the risk of Salmonella. They also can also spread allergens, germs, and bacterias that results in health risks in your family. Cockroach droppings have also been linked to the increase in childhood asthma.

Survival characteristics and Facts about Cockroaches.

Resilient Creatures
Cockroaches are very resilient creatures who expose very weird behaviors that leave you to wonder what on earth is this. They can spend more than 3/4 of a day resting without strolling or moving from their resting place. They can also survive in extremely cold temperatures of up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and also very hot temperatures enabling them to survive under any circumstance.

Open circulatory system
The system allows them to survive even for a week without a head if for some reason they lose their head, they breathe through simple holes on their body thus depending less on the head. They die only because of hunger and thirst if they lose their head. They can hold breathe for more than 40 minutes to reduce the rate of respiration and losing water. If submerged in water, they can stay alive for half an hour

They are fast
To your amazement, Cockroaches can run for over three miles within an hour meaning that they can easily spread bacterias and germs all over the house within a very short time span. Within 36 days, a newly born cockroach becomes an adult, and when still a day old, the tiny cockroach can run as fast as its parents.

Food intake and Water

They are attracted easily by the scent of alcohol especially when mixed with sugar and the hops. It is believed that they originated a long time ago from the coniferous forests. They can survive for a whole month without food intake and only one week without taking water, this being possible from the fact that they are cold blooded.

Cockroach Control Mechanisms

One problem is facing many people to control these pests because of their resilience and high survival tactics. We all know that taking control of any problem at the glance of the first sign is the best move and better than waiting for the problem to turn out to a disaster then start looking for a cure. You need to control the cockroaches the moment you see them, to prevent health risks and spreading to your neighbors. The ability to reproduce fast and the resilience makes it hard to control them, but we must always make an effort through one of the following ways.

Use Flashlight and Glue Strips to Identify Their Habitat

The first move even before deciding which control measure you would adapt, you will need to scrutinize every part of your home using a flashlight to find out their hiding areas in every item in your house especially those dark places and dusty place where there is always silence and uninterrupted. They can hide in almost everything and everywhere including kitchen, bedroom, dark paces in crevices and cabinets, behind wardrobes and refrigerators, closets and even cabinets.

Where you suspect that there is a large infestation, you can use the glue strips by sticking them on areas where you detected using the flashlight. You will need to observe the strips for some few days and note the areas where you will notice a lot of traffic and areas where most cockroaches have been caught, then make sure you concentrate on these areas most when applying your treatment mechanism

Using Caulk to Seal Gaps Prevent Further Infestation
You may even decide to use traps to eliminate the existing cockroach population, but it may not be effective as most of them will keep on entering the house from the outside. Therefore the best thing to do is to use caulk to seal any existing gaps on the walls and tiny holes and cracks to prevent infestation from the outside. Sealing also helps reducing stripping on your windows and doors.

Gel Bait Stations
You can even use the Gel Bait as they can effectively assist you in your efforts of eradicating cockroaches. They come in the most common form which is the tube-like where you can apply them in cracks, crevices and placing them under the baseboards in your home. You will need to check the baits regularly as it could kill a number of these pests and if not removed on a daily basis, it could be some dead cockroaches lying on the floor and start decaying and become even more health hazardous.

Bait Stations
The bait station is another excellent method of eliminating cockroaches; it works by attracting them to a station containing some edible substances like food with poison. They will feed on the food matters and goes back to rest where they die. The other cockroaches will feed on them and dies too because of the spread of poison. These baits eliminate the pests partially and may not be
efficient as the poison may spread all over the house.

Use of Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid is another effective means to eliminate this stubborn pest. Though it is an efficient means, it is not recommended as it can be harmful because it consists of some toxins which can be deadly to human beings and pets in your home which is not the case you want. Boric acid also loses effectiveness within a short time if applied incorrectly and misplacement by the air currents.

Hiring the Services of professional Pest controllers
Hiring a professional is the final and the best option because these experts offer a more effective approach to eliminate cockroach infestation. They usually use tested and verified pesticides that are not harmful to your family members. They know the best products to use and will offer a continuous control service and offer appropriate measures you can apply in the absence of their presence.


From the above document, you have learned all the dangers of cockroach infestation in your home and also the control measures you can apply. Therefore for a healthy home free fro cockroaches, you need to eliminate them all by applying the best mechanism you find suitable for you. Take the necessary precautions and cockroaches will become past tense in your home.