Monday, 25 September 2017

Pest Control Tips

Finding pests in your own home is one of the worst things that can happen. It’s like a nightmare coming to life. Not only will you feel gross and dirty, but you will definitely feel itches everywhere and of course, it’s very disturbing. Once you discover these critters crawling around in your living space, the first thing you’d want to do is get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.
So what are the best ways to get rid of pests, you ask? Well, here are a few important pest control tips to kill off all of those annoying creatures and stop them from returning:

· Check the intensity of the pests: Go around your house and inspect all your wooden materials. If there are any holes or dents that weren’t there before, then there might be pests living at your home. The first step is always to check to see if there even is a problem. Also, if you have any outside furniture that is made of any wooden material, you might want to check on them too and see if creatures have already built a home on these items of yours.

· What is on the outside, should stay outside: If you have stuff you like to bring outdoors such as vases, etc., make sure to keep those outdoors. Chances are, these have already attracted pests and bringing these inside your home is pretty much equivalent to you inviting pests over. Shoes should also be kept outdoor as much as possible.

· Seal and dispose of your food properly: One of the main things pests are attracted to is food. When leaving food out on the table or on the shelf, make sure to seal your containers properly to avoid attracting these little critters. Try to keep only fresh fruits in your home and dispose of the rotten ones. Also, when disposing your food, make sure you do not leave even the tiniest food scrap anywhere. This way, none of these pests can feed on anything and will leave their survival rate quite low.

· Getting rid of old water sources and fixing your plumbing: A lot of pests, such as mosquitoes, also like to live in water, so if there’s a tub full of water that’s been sitting out for days at your home, you might want to empty that out and refill it with new and clean water, instead. As for your plumbing, just make sure to double check that there aren’t any leaks that can attract these pests and make them live in your pipes for a long time. Cutting off the water source of these critters can easily kill them.

· Rotten meat attracts pests: When throwing out your old meat, make sure that your garbage will be picked up within the next two days. Rotting meat can bring a lot of pests to your yard, giving them a chance to enter your home.

· Check your exterior for cracks and gaps: Many of these pests like to live in cracks and gaps of your house’s exterior. So go and check around your home and when you find any cracks and gaps, try to repair them as soon as possible to close up possible entrances of these creatures.

· Keep everywhere around your house trash and litter-free: Try to keep your garages and yards free of garbage as much as possible since it can attract critters to your home. Keep all of your trash cans closed and sealed properly and dispose of all of your garbage on a regular basis. Also, try to clean and rid the kitchen of any possible food crumbs that may be there.

· Cut your trees and shrubs: Try to prevent trees and shrubs from touching the sides and roof of your home. These trees and shrubs are being used by creatures such as rodents and ants to enter your home. Trim your trees and shrubs to stop pests from using them to enter your home.

· Store your wood properly: If you are storing wood for any reason, try to store it away from your home in a separate shed instead.

· Keep your pets and their food in check: If you have any pets at home, make sure all of their pet food is stored in a tight container and try not to leave any pet food in their bowls overnight as these can attract pests. Also try to give your pets baths on a regular basis and try to use anti-flea shampoos on them especially if they tend to go out a lot.

· General home cleaning: Try to do a general cleaning of your home at least once a week or once every two weeks. Included in cleaning should be changing and washing of sheets, curtains, pillows and even your hairbrushes. Also try to replace your toothbrushes at home with a new one every three months. This ensures to get rid of any other things that are possible attracting these critters to your home.

· Keep yourself and everyone in the household as clean as possible: Pests are very attracted to people with bad hygiene. So just keeping yourself and doing basic hygiene is enough to help rid of the unwelcomed visitors in your home.

· Wash your clothes immediately:
Sometimes pests come from the external world and there isn’t anything in your home that’s attracting them. Instead, they could have stuck to your clothes and shoes while you were outside. So, the best thing to do, especially when returning from a long trip, is to try to wash your clothes immediately to avoid having these creatures reproduce and multiply.

· Use an anti-pest spray: There are lots of these materials available on the market. Just do your research and choose one that is suitable for whatever type of pest problem you have and use that.

· Call a professional pest control service: If the pest problem is out of hand and you can’t do everything by yourself, the best choice is to call a professional pest control service and have them do the work for you. You can then follow the steps on this article to prevent the pest problem from happening again.

Pests aren’t always a sign of improper hygiene or uncleanliness – they have a ton of causes and the ones listed here are just a few of them. You should always check around to see if pests are already in your home. It is never too late to do something about it to prevent the problem from becoming a bigger issue and even if they aren’t just remember that prevention is always better than the cure.