Saturday, 25 March 2017

Common Types of pests and The Damage They Cause

Pest are animals or insects that live in unwanted areas causing damages on items or pose a risk of spreading diseases to people or other animals. Infestation of any type of pest may be dangerous and a nuisance to the dwellers of the infested area. Different pests infest different areas depending on the climatic conditions, the type of food available, suitable breeding grounds as well as the space available.

Most of home pests are dangerous as they are likely to spread diseases to the homeowners and the pets around. It is paramount that one understands different types of pest especially those that are likely to infest his or her area so as to be in a position to apply the most appropriate prevention method as well as eradicate them in case of infestation. This article describes some of the common pests as well as the risk they pose to the dwellers of the infested areas.

One of the most common pest that have been truly troublesome and difficult to control for years are the termites. This is so because they are only detected after considerable damage to wood,furniture and buildings. Termites can thrive under a building for long enough and as a result they multiply and eat up the wood as well as make holes in the ground weakening the foundation of a structure. One of the most destructive characteristic of termites is their ability to continuously feed on wood which can go all round the clock.

Dampness and moisture in wood leads to production of a substance known as cellulose that becomes food for the termites, here, they are able to hide and breed resulting to infestation. To control termite infestation, it is paramount to keep all furniture as well as other items made of wood as dry as possible so as to eliminate any breeding place for the them.

Certain rats such as the brown and the black ones can be a real nuisance at home. Most rodents stay in the ground, others can hide and breed under items that have been put in piles while some stay in the attic. Rodents can cause significant damage on household items such as those made of plastic and wood. This damage can get to the extreme as sometimes they may tear electric wires and cause fire. Furthermore, rodents a know threat in terms of health as they are carriers and spreaders of dangerous diseases. Rodents can be discovered through hearing voices or seeing them as they move from one hiding place to another. Control of these pest may be an uphill task especially when proper mechanism are not applied therefore contacting pest control experts would be the best way of having them completely removed.

Cockroaches are large insects that are able to fly and crawl up a wall at a very high speed. These characters make it easy to move into to a new building as well as move from one house to another. Cockroaches are very active at night feeding on pieces of food dropped on the floor or any food items left uncovered. These pests are able to multiply to dozens within a very short period making it easy for them to infest a household. As these insects thrive and breed in unhygienic places, they pose a very great risk of spreading diseases as they carry dirt and bacteria from one place to another.

One way of getting rid of this home pest is through thorough cleaning of all place in the house most importantly those areas that are likely to provide food and hiding places for them. All corners in the house, under the furniture, kitchen drawers as well as any other place that one may detected the presence of cockroaches should be kept clean and dry always.

Bed bugs
Bed bugs are insects that are known to hide in the smallest spaces available and therefore,they are extremely dangerous as they can hardly be seen. They can go for months without food just hiding in their favorite areas. Bed bugs only come out at night to suck blood from their victims, they cause painful and itchy swellings whenever they bite the skin. Bed bugs can be eradicated naturally by exposing the bedding or any other item where they stay into direct sunlight as the heat from the sun is likely to kill them as well as their eggs.

In addition exposure of these items helps in killing any disease causing organisms that might have been brought by the bedbugs on the infested items. Finally, contacting professionals for bedbug eradication is the best option as their control may be difficult to some extent or the damage may be too much.

There are a number of mosquito species whose infestation can be extremely dangerous. Mosquitoes lay eggs and multiply very fast in warm weather and in places where stagnant water is left unattended. Mosquitoes are the known cause of spread of malaria a diseases that has so far claimed many lives including those of very young children. These insects can fly and therefore get access into the house with ease through open windows, doors, ventilation or any other opening leading to the house.

However, use of pesticides and mosquito nets have to a great extent helped in controlling spread of malaria. Control of mosquitoes require the assistance of professionals who can fumigate the infested area as well as give the necessary advice on how to keep these pests away.

In a nut shell, understanding different types of common pests and the threat they pose is paramount as it is a sure way of enhancing safety. This is so because one is able to take the necessary precautions so as to stay safe.Furthermore, acquiring knowledge about a particular type of pest makes it easy to control it as all the necessary measures can be applied. Termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes and rodents are some of the common pests that are found in almost every household. Some of these pests can be controlled without the help of professional but in extreme cases, professional assistance must be sort.