Sunday, 22 May 2016

Professional Pest Control VS DIY Pest Control

The sight of pests be it the creepy-crawling ones, like cockroaches and bugs or the notorious ones like rodents, is irritating. You’ll probably find a way out to exterminate them before they have time to vamoose behind the cupboard. Having a home free of any kind of these notorious insects, means you’ve to do something bigger than just dialing the exterminator every time you see them scurrying on the ceiling. You now just want to get rid of these pests in any way possible. You’re at crossroads not knowing whether to try the recommended DIY pest control methods or just hire a professional to get the job done. Let’s compare the DIY and professional pest control methods for you to know which way best fits your situation.

The Size Of The Problem At Hand
What’s the magnitude of pest infestation in your home? While you can easily try DIY pest control methods like putting away dustbins when the problem is still small, it can be hard to use the same tricks when the infestation is almost beyond your control. How many cockroaches do you see? What about mouse droppings?

The problem is that most pests hide themselves in crevices and small cracks. So, pests may be actually breeding inside your home without you noticing. As they grow in number, the competition for space and food in their dens causes them to move around searching for something to eat and that’s the time you’re able to see them. At this magnitude, it’s always far much of better to call a professional to do the cleanup process.

Otherwise, if you’re not sure about the size of the problem or after thorough examination you conclude that the problem isn’t that alarming, you can try some of the common DIY pest control methods – seal cracks, avoid leftovers etc. But if your methods turn out to be unresponsive, don’t think twice, call a professional.

Time Factor
Are you interested in dealing with the issue as fast as possible or you don’t mind even if the extermination process takes a week or more. Most DIY methods will work for you in the long run especially if there are more than one type of pests in your home. Do-it-yourself approach normally needs consistency in cases where pests have infested large areas of your home. But for small pest problems, off-the-counter exterminating products can get the job done in a matter of few minutes. The problem with using pesticides is that their continuous use is not only a problem to asthmatic people but also a real issue when it comes to pests developing resistance to them.

Is you’re finding yourself spending hours on the internet searching for top DIY pest control methods and buying lots of treatment options, then it may be worth hiring a pest control professional. But that doesn’t mean you should give up, continue with your research as DIY methods are �eco-friendly’ and once you’re a pro, you’ll always do the extermination process in an hour. On the other hand, you may consider a professional because with their experience, equipment, and knowledge they stand a better chance of removing pests from all corners of your home within minutes. Pest control professionals are also valuable in times of an emergency infestation but in case the issue isn’t that calamitous, consider getting rid of the pests on your own.

The Cost
You’re probably searching online on how you can quickly exterminate pests in your home because you’re tired hiring professionals year in year out. Most pest control companies are expensive and this is the main reason why you should start learning the basic do-it-yourself projects on how to remove pests from your kitchen, garden or the living room.

Professionals will often adjust the costs they levy depending on the extent of the infestation among other factors. However, they may require multiple visits before they can completely handle the problem – and this means additional costs. Until you find a sustainable DIY solution, it’s imperative to consider the help of a professional. Why? Because long-term costs associated with damages caused by pests may include home repairs, healthcare costs and much more.

For instance, pests like termites are usually hard to identify until when they’ve caused a significant damage to the plywood. The bottom line here is, hiring a professional may be a cheaper option in the long-term. Other companies have other bucks for their customers including discounts and coupons and free follow-up service.

If your home is currently completely free from pests, it doesn’t mean that it’s pest-repellant. They key in controlling pests is rolling out effective preventive measures. So the first time you see some small insects crawling, it’s recommended that you spray pesticides around all window frames, door jambs and cracks on the walls. Don’t forget to pray around pipes at their entry points. It’s usually better to do all prevention yourself rather than hiring a professional.

If you suspect any non-visible infestation, it may be good to seek help from a professional. Professionals would carry a comprehensive inspection in your home from bathrooms to toilets, kitchen to living room, faucets to sinks, ceiling to walls and in every crevice that can harbor pests.

It is one thing to try to exterminate mice or ants on your own and completely a new thing to control raccoons, black widow spiders, and rats. You can lay out traps in potential openings and even lure them to eat poisoned food. Life-threatening insects like black widow spiders must be eradicated immediately using the recommended chemicals. It’s wise always to have a pesticide in your home so that you can get rid of such dangerous insects immediately before they can cause harm. Rodents can cause plague but that can also happen if they bite you. Harmful insects need an immediate action and therefore, in such cases, DIY methods like spraying comes in handy.

Procedures undertaken by professionals to get rid of pests are normally considered safe. These licensed pest eradication experts can always give you advise on how you can deal with dangerous insects. Moreover, they’ll recommend the best off-the-counter pesticides.

We’ve seen that both of these pest control methods can really work hand in hand to get your home completely clean of pests. Prevention and getting rid of small insects is a job you can do it yourself but you can rely on a professional when the extermination process becomes overwhelming.