Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What Pests Are Harmful To Your Pet?

 Pets are also targeted by pests like humans. Some of these bugs can cause serious health problems to the members of feline and canine families. You can give a healthy and long life to your pet in Singapore, who gives unconditional love to your entire family, just by knowing about the bugs which can be harmful for them and the ways to protect them. Brief information provided here under will help you to protect your furry friends from these health threats.

Annoying mosquitoes: Mosquitoes not only spoil ones comfortable life but also spread a number of health problems for the dogs and cats along with humans. Some of these infected pests can also transmit the larvae of heartworm in the blood stream of your pet which can cause problems in their lungs and heart after settling their after maturity. It can cause cough and weakness in your dog or cat. Its infection can be fatal for your pets if not treated properly as soon as possible.

Sting of wasps and bees: The sting of the pests like wasps and bees are equally painful for the dogs and cats as they are painful for humans. Along with swelling and pain the sting of wasps and bees can sometimes also cause fatal allergic reactions to your pet. These severe reactions in pets can be recognised through the symptoms similar to the humans like hives, swelling, shock, diarrhoea and breathing problems etc.

The problem of pests like mosquitoes, bees and wasps can be prevented by keeping the environment clean and pest free. You can save your pet by spraying pesticides in and around your home to prevent the infestation of these insects.

Fleas invading the fur: Fleas are flat and tiny pests that live in the fur of your pet and suck its blood. They easily find their place to hide even if they do not have wings as they are the best leapers. The bites of fleas can cause severs irritation and itching on the skin of your dog or cat. The saliva of these fleas can be more problematic if the pets have sensitive skin as it can experience skin infections, rashes and even lose its fur. It can also cause allergy to the pet-owners if it leaps from their dog or cat to them. Along with blood loss and infection these fleas also help in infecting other worms like tapeworm etc. This tapeworm can cause discomfort and itching by infecting your pet’s digestive system by entering into its digestive track while grooming it.

Ticks: Your pet can get infected by the ticks crawling on the grass and leaves as they like to live in warm places like the body of your dog or cat. These pests cannot be detected easily if the pets have shaggy and long hair. They can insert horrible health problems like canine ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, fever and canine anaplasmosis as they live on the blood of their host. The seriousness of these diseases can judged through their effect on humans as symptoms like fatigue, fever and cough along with major health problems like damage to central nervous system and heart etc. can be seen with the pet-owners, when passed on to them.

The problems caused by the ticks and fleas can be prevented by bathing the pets regularly. If the population is growing in the fur of your dog then you can also comb their fur or pick the fleas after wearing gloves to reduce the problem to some extent. After it you can use some anti-flea medication available in the market to prevent further growth of the problem. Similarly if live in tick prone area then you should mow your lawn regularly as they usually thrive in long grass and can easily infect your pet when he plays with you in the lawn. You can check the skin of your dog with your hands wearing gloves and can remove them with a tweezers if you feel something odd under his skin. But proper disposal of ticks is also equally important as they can again infect your pet or you if left unattended.

Heartworms: It is one of the common pests harmful for the pets as they infect the dogs and cats through mosquitoes. They remain active for several months after infecting your pet for once as they flow through their bloodstream and settle down in their blood vessels connecting lungs and heart, after growing adult. A dog can live with several heartworms grown up to 14” length but cats cannot bear even one heartworm and die.

The infection of heartworms can be prevented by medicating the pets every day. You can give insecticide based medicine to your dog to kill the pests infecting him. But these medicines should be given carefully as they can also be fatal for your dog or cat.

Gastrointestinal worms: Just like heartworm some pests like roundworm, whip worm and hook worms are also found in the gastrointestinal system of your pet that infect their digestive system.

This infection can also be prevented by keeping the place of living of your pet clean and getting their excretion tested regularly from the very beginning. You can also give them some medication like heartworms but with care.

Giardia: It is one of the pests that can infect your pet if he likes slurping rainwater. Giardia is a parasitic protozoa which can cause diarrhoea and vomiting to the pets after getting into their intestines. It can be prevented through vaccination. This vaccination is especially necessary beforehand while going outdoor with your dog or cat.

Thus your pet can be infected with a number of pests in Singapore that can be dangerous for their health, if not treated properly as soon as possible. Along with treating you dog or cat you should also care for their nutritious and healthy diet to help them in recovering their health at an earliest. You can also take the help of an experienced vet in your area to assess the extent of problem to your pets so that their problem can be treated more promptly and properly.