Tuesday, 23 February 2016

8 Ways To Solve Cockroaches Infestation

Cockroaches are among the most annoying pests that can infest in your home. They are harmful to people as they carry harmful microorganisms that can cause diseases. These microorganisms are especially risky if you have little babies in the house and your pets. Cockroaches will after invading your home, snack on any food you have stored, damage your wallpapers, electronics, and books. To avoid the dirt, discomfort and health menace brought by the roaches, the following are 8 ways to serve cockroaches in your house an eviction notice.

1. Use powdered boric acid, granulated white sugar and white flour.

To get rid of cockroaches using this method, you only need the three ingredients and then follow the following steps.

· Mix the 3 ingredients together and add a few drops of water. The resulting mixture will resemble dough. (You can buy boric acid from a registered pharmacy)

· Put the dough in all areas where cockroaches like. Identify the hiding areas and place the dough near those regions.

· In this mixture, the boric acid is the cockroach killer while the added sugar is the bait to attract them.

· Place the dough until you cannot see or hear any cockroach.

· The method has a high effective rate as it can wipe out cockroaches completely, but it takes time.

2. Use Fabric Softener

Biologically cockroaches breathe through their abdomen or the lower body part. The idea behind the use of fabric softener is to make it difficult for them to breathe after you spray them. When the cockroaches are unable to breathe, they die from suffocation.

· Get a spray bottle, fabric softener, and water

· Mix the fabric softener with water and fill the spray bottle.

· Target the cockroaches in their hideouts and spray them directly. Look out for cockroaches in these areas; baseboards, breaks, below the cabinets and in the sinks.

· If it is possible to turn them upside down then do it, but in the case of a running cockroach target the head.

· This method is safer because fabric softener is not a dangerous chemical

· The method, however, may be slow because you must focus on the body.

3. Use a cockroach trap

· To use this method, you will buy cockroach traps from the market. The method doesn't require any chemical, making it a safe method. In the trap, you will need to place bait that attracts the roaches inside the trap.

· After entering the trap, the cockroaches are trapped by the adhesive, as they are unable to move.

· The best spots to place the traps are sections of your home that are liked by the cockroaches. You can put the trap in the kitchen and areas where you place food.

· Keep the trap each day continuously for over one week and make sure there is no ire-infestation.

4. Use an Ammonia-water solution

· In this case, ammonia acts as a repellant, repelling all cockroaches. To get the best results using this method, clean all hard surfaces in your house using a mixture of water and ammonia.

· To prepare one bucket of ammonia solution, use two cups of water.

· After preparing the solution to clean all hard surfaces, especially the toilet, kitchen, and bathroom, to keep off roaches.

· Identify all roaches hideouts in the house and clean these areas and the neighborhood with the solution to repel the roaches.

5. Use a chemical spray (pesticides)

· Currently, there are many brands of chemicals you can use to spray roaches. The chemical may be in liquid form or powder form.

· This method is more effective but risky if you have young one and pets in the house as the chemical can affect them.

· I would recommend you use pesticide as the last resort if all the other suggested solutions do not work.

· If you have pets in your house, be careful not to injure them.

6. Use Cayenne Pepper

· Cayenne Pepper is another herb alongside catnip and bay leaves that you can use to get roaches out of your home when they infest your house. In this case, pepper kills and repels cockroaches.

· To prepare the mixture, use 1 tablespoon of red or cayenne pepper, 1 white onion, 1 tablespoon of crushed garlic clove and 2 liters of water.

· Mix the red or cayenne clove with white onion and garlic clove.

· Boil the 2 liters of water and mix with the garlic mixture.

· After the water boils, add the mixture and wait for it to chill off.

· Put them into a spray bottle and spray in infested areas but concentrating on the kitchen, toilet, and the roach hideouts.

7. Use Bay Leaf

You can use the bay leaves to prepare a homemade repellent that repels cockroaches from your home. However, the repellent does not kill but only repels the roaches. Bay leaf is a herb that is a common during Asian cooking, as it give their food the Asian flavors. Even without killing them, this method is enough to help you get rid of any single roach in your house.

· Get a bunch of bay leaves and a crusher

· Dry the leaves under the sun and crush them to prepare a powder

· After making enough powder, sprinkle around the roaches infested areas, their hideouts and favorite spots like the kitchen.

· The powder will push away all roaches to different areas. So if they cannot find any hiding place in your house, they will fully relocate.

8. Use a Cockroach bait

· Roach bait is a chemical gel that is laced with cockroach bait.

· The gel is a slow poison, meaning the cockroaches die later after eating the bait, but not instantly.

· The method is effective because a cockroach will be attracted to the bait, and after consuming, the cockroach will then go and come along with their family to show them the found food.

· Place the bait strategically in their hideouts, in the kitchen and toilet.

· The method works similarly with traps, but the only difference is where the adhesive material sticks the roach while in the other one a cockroach is not caught.

These 8 methods are not just the methods you can use to get rid of cockroaches in your house. Other methods you can check out includes use of coffee, use of cucumber, use of baking soda, use of Listerine and use of petroleum jelly. After any of the above-outlined method and the cockroaches disappear, ensure there will be no re-infestation. You can do this by

· Keeping the house clean

· Ensuring there are no leftovers

· Seal all cracks and openings that can let in roaches

· Use weather stripping on windows and doors

· Check for cockroaches when you are bringing in a new item in the house.

· Dismantle all hiding all roaches hiding areas outside your house

· Devise a way of disposing of leftovers and waste so that cockroaches don't find new havens.