Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Singapore Homes?

For centuries or perhaps even for thousands of years, termites have been rampant when it comes to damaging properties and they continue to be so even today. Whenever there is a home with a generous sprinkling of wooden furniture, it is quite possible that they will have a field day. They can literally damage the entire foundation of such wooden structures. The worst part is that it will not be visible from the outside. Before the problem is discovered, the damage would already have been done. One fine day the inhabitants could see the doors and windows coming crashing down.

These insects are without any doubt very stubborn pests. Therefore even their first signs of appearance should be taken very seriously and the problem should be nipped in the bud. While there are many do it yourself techniques and methods it would always be better to take the help of professional pest control service providers. They can certainly help with the right solutions and take problems to find the root of the problem, before it assumes serious proportions.

Finding Out The Source Is Important
When it comes to finding the right methods of exterminating termites, the first starting point is identifying the source of the problem. This is because these pests feed on dead woods and plant materials. Hence, unless the soil is treated with the right kind of pesticides and insecticides it may not be possible to move forward in coming out with the right methods to exterminate these pests. Therefore it would always be advisable to take professional help from pest exterminators in Singapore. They have the tools, techniques and infrastructure to find out as to what type of soil treatment would be needed to get rid of them. Hence, identifying the right type of soil is perhaps the most important way forward when it comes to getting rid of termites.

Moisture And Dampness Need To Be Reigned In
It is well known that these termites are masters of survival and any damp or moist place is something that they relish. Hence, when it comes to homes and especially areas where there are wooden furniture, it is very important to keep the entire area as dry as possible. It again boils down to the soil which could have an impact on the flooring. Even otherwise, it is important to be sure that the flooring is as dry and as free of dampness and moisture as possible.

Use The Right Kind Of Chemicals 
The need to use chemicals and poisonous substances cannot be ruled out when there is a need to treat stubborn and widespread termite-infestation. However this has to be done carefully and being indiscriminate in using chemicals and poisonous substances should be avoided. Today there are many environment friendly and ecologically safe substances which could be used to get rid of these pests. Even when it comes to using synthetic and poisonous chemical substances, care should be exercised. The surroundings should not be polluted and if there are children and pets in homes then one needs to be doubly careful.

Some Natural Methods Could Also Be Tried Out
There are today quite a few home based tips which could be prove useful, provided the infestation is within manageable limited. Cardboard traps have been used quit effectively for killing these nasty pests. You could place the cardboards near the termites and if possible paint it with a coat of cellulose. When they get attracted to it by the hundreds, you could take it outside and burn it.

However, as mentioned above this will work only when the infestation is limited and not out of control. These pests hate sunlight and that is why they always thrive and grow in dark and moist environments. If you find that your furniture has been infested by them, you could take it out and expose it to sunlight for a few hours. The force of the sunlight and the heat will do the job for you.

But this again will work only on a limited scale. Boric acid is also considered to be a wonderful natural option by which these pests can be kept at bay. They work by preventing the functioning of the nervous system of termites. In fact most insecticides that we have talked about do contain some amount of boric acid. Orange oil is another time tested natural way by which termites can be killed. It deters the pests from feeding and eventually they die out of starvation. However, one needs to be careful about orange oil because it could be allergic to a few.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure
While there could be many other natural and artificial ways of removing these pests, the best way forward from the long term perspective is to believe that prevention is better than cure. Keeping your home and surrounding dry and free from moisture is the best way forward. Yes, it may not be possible to keep the surrounding clean during monsoon. In such cases, treating the soil with chemicals is perhaps the only solution.

It would be better to handover your entire home to a good pest  control specialists. They are professionals and have rich experience when it comes to preventive maintenance. If they are allowed to do their job at least four to five times a year, it is most likely that your home will be free from the menace of these insects.

When you find that there is a massive or wholesale infestation of these pests, heat fumigation could work well. You need to identify the main source from which the pests are originating. You could run the fumigation machine deep inside and increase the temperature. If it is continued for a period of 35 minutes or more at temperatures above 120 degree Fahrenheit then it will certainly help to exterminate them by the thousands. Though there are natural ways of getting rid of them seeking professional help is always better because of the thorough nature of job that they will perform. They will look at long term and permanent solutions instead of stop-gap solutions.