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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs And Termites

Bed bugs and termites are small insects that infest mostly your home and leave it in the wreck. Bed bugs are known to infest the bedrooms and during the termites anything that is wood made. These are some of the embarrassing parasites that you can have in your home since to some extent they show low levels of your hygiene especially the bed bugs. Singapore provides the best breeding environment for both bedbugs and termites since it has a hot and humid climate. The country does not experience the winter and springs thus providing the perfect breeding ground for these insects. 

Although these bedbugs can also infest even the most cleaned bedrooms, they are highly associated with low hygiene places and especially where cleaning is not prioritized. The worst thing about these insects is the damage that they can cause to your health especially the bed bugs. Bugs are associated with skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and many other. 
Bedbugs feed on human blood and thus they can deteriorate your health significantly if they are not controlled. Both of them breed very fast and thus you need to manage them at the very first time that you realize that they are infesting your home. There are many methods on how to get rid bed bugs and termites that you can practice. Some may be natural while others may need the application of chemical methods. Here some of the main methods that you can use to eliminate these insects and paradise.

How to get rid of Bed bugs

These are the main methods that you can use to get rid of bedbugs once you notice their infestation.

• Application of Liquid Chemical

This is among the most effective methods of getting rid of the bedbugs very quickly. The chemical application has proven to kill these parasites together with their eggs thus eliminating them entirely. The products used to in chemical application must be certified to ensure the health of the homeowner. The quantity of the chemical application will highly depend on the severity of the infestation by these parasites. This method requires the homeowner to hire the services of an experienced service provider who has absolute knowledge of what liquid chemicals to apply the quantity. 

• Full structure fumigation.

This is the perfect method of bed bug control especially if you are living single family home. It is the best method for a stand-alone unattached structure, and the results are amazing. It can eliminate these parasites within a very short time. Full structure fumigation involves placing a tarp on you house and then inject a gas inside to kill these parasites. The best thing about this method and what makes it very effective is the fact that it kills all the bedbugs together with their eggs. This simply means that it can completely eliminate these parasites for good. Also, this method has no residuals like the liquid chemical applications.

• Using steaming and freezing

These are two methods that do not require any chemical application, and they have no adverse side effects in using them. Steaming means that you will be using high-temperature steam that is far above the normal heat that the bed bugs can survive in. The end results will be the death of the bedbugs together with their eggs. The same thing will happen to freeze the bed bugs. The low temperatures that are way below the survival temperature of the bed bugs will definitely kill these parasites. Freezing also has the potential of killing both the bed bugs and their eggs thus ensuring that these parasites are dealt with completely once and for all.

• Heating

Heating although it is a very expensive method of bed bug control, it is also a very effective way of gdealing with these parasites. Heating simply means to heat a room to a temperature above 125 degrees and the bed bugs will be dead together with their eggs.

• Apply bed bug powder

Application of the bed bug powder should be the last thing you should do, after all, the methods of bedbug application has been done. This powder ensures that the bed bugs do not come back after eliminating them. The powder should be sprayed especially every morning before you go to work, and you will never experience a bedbug bite.

How to get rid of termites

Termites are very easy to deal compared to bed bugs. These are the main methods that you can applied to deal with termites.

• Chemical application

The best thing about the termites in that you can easily see them on the walls of your home. All you have to be located where the termites are coming from. Treat the area with chemicals that are known and certified to kill. After some few days, you will never have any termite infestation in your home. Anti-termite chemicals are known to be very effective, and their results last for a long time. Boric acid is among the most effective chemical or this purpose

• Trapping

Termites love feeding on the cardboard. You can use this to trap and then kill them. Wet some flat strips of cardboard place them in an area where termites are likely to be. When the cardboard has be fully infested with insects, burn them in a safe area to ensure that no termite survives. This is a very simple and effective trap.

• Exposing the infested art to the sunlight

If the infested item is furniture, then this method would work perfectly well. Termites thrive in the darkness and thus they cannot survive in the sunlight. Also, the sunlight will come together with heat which cannot accommodate the termite’s delicate body.

• Freezing

If you live in an area where you do not access sufficient sunlight, then you can opt for a freezing method to eliminate these insects. If it is wooden furniture that has been infested, then you can place it in a large freezer and termites will be dead within a short time.

These are the main methods that you can employ to get rid of bed bugs and termites. They have been tested and certified to work exemplary very well. They are not costly and with the help of a professional, you will be able to achieve the best results.