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How To Get Rid Of Termites In Singapore Homes?

For centuries or perhaps even for thousands of years, termites have been rampant when it comes to damaging properties and they continue to be so even today. Whenever there is a home with a generous sprinkling of wooden furniture, it is quite possible that they will have a field day. They can literally damage the entire foundation of such wooden structures. The worst part is that it will not be visible from the outside. Before the problem is discovered, the damage would already have been done. One fine day the inhabitants could see the doors and windows coming crashing down.

These insects are without any doubt very stubborn pests. Therefore even their first signs of appearance should be taken very seriously and the problem should be nipped in the bud. While there are many do it yourself techniques and methods it would always be better to take the help of professional pest control service providers. They can certainly help with the right solutions and take problems to find the root of the problem, before it assumes serious proportions.

Finding Out The Source Is Important
When it comes to finding the right methods of exterminating termites, the first starting point is identifying the source of the problem. This is because these pests feed on dead woods and plant materials. Hence, unless the soil is treated with the right kind of pesticides and insecticides it may not be possible to move forward in coming out with the right methods to exterminate these pests. Therefore it would always be advisable to take professional help from pest exterminators in Singapore. They have the tools, techniques and infrastructure to find out as to what type of soil treatment would be needed to get rid of them. Hence, identifying the right type of soil is perhaps the most important way forward when it comes to getting rid of termites.

Moisture And Dampness Need To Be Reigned In
It is well known that these termites are masters of survival and any damp or moist place is something that they relish. Hence, when it comes to homes and especially areas where there are wooden furniture, it is very important to keep the entire area as dry as possible. It again boils down to the soil which could have an impact on the flooring. Even otherwise, it is important to be sure that the flooring is as dry and as free of dampness and moisture as possible.

Use The Right Kind Of Chemicals 
The need to use chemicals and poisonous substances cannot be ruled out when there is a need to treat stubborn and widespread termite-infestation. However this has to be done carefully and being indiscriminate in using chemicals and poisonous substances should be avoided. Today there are many environment friendly and ecologically safe substances which could be used to get rid of these pests. Even when it comes to using synthetic and poisonous chemical substances, care should be exercised. The surroundings should not be polluted and if there are children and pets in homes then one needs to be doubly careful.

Some Natural Methods Could Also Be Tried Out
There are today quite a few home based tips which could be prove useful, provided the infestation is within manageable limited. Cardboard traps have been used quit effectively for killing these nasty pests. You could place the cardboards near the termites and if possible paint it with a coat of cellulose. When they get attracted to it by the hundreds, you could take it outside and burn it.

However, as mentioned above this will work only when the infestation is limited and not out of control. These pests hate sunlight and that is why they always thrive and grow in dark and moist environments. If you find that your furniture has been infested by them, you could take it out and expose it to sunlight for a few hours. The force of the sunlight and the heat will do the job for you.

But this again will work only on a limited scale. Boric acid is also considered to be a wonderful natural option by which these pests can be kept at bay. They work by preventing the functioning of the nervous system of termites. In fact most insecticides that we have talked about do contain some amount of boric acid. Orange oil is another time tested natural way by which termites can be killed. It deters the pests from feeding and eventually they die out of starvation. However, one needs to be careful about orange oil because it could be allergic to a few.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure
While there could be many other natural and artificial ways of removing these pests, the best way forward from the long term perspective is to believe that prevention is better than cure. Keeping your home and surrounding dry and free from moisture is the best way forward. Yes, it may not be possible to keep the surrounding clean during monsoon. In such cases, treating the soil with chemicals is perhaps the only solution.

It would be better to handover your entire home to a good pest  control specialists. They are professionals and have rich experience when it comes to preventive maintenance. If they are allowed to do their job at least four to five times a year, it is most likely that your home will be free from the menace of these insects.

When you find that there is a massive or wholesale infestation of these pests, heat fumigation could work well. You need to identify the main source from which the pests are originating. You could run the fumigation machine deep inside and increase the temperature. If it is continued for a period of 35 minutes or more at temperatures above 120 degree Fahrenheit then it will certainly help to exterminate them by the thousands. Though there are natural ways of getting rid of them seeking professional help is always better because of the thorough nature of job that they will perform. They will look at long term and permanent solutions instead of stop-gap solutions.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How To Prevent Termites From Spreading?

It is not easy to prevent and kill termites. A proper knowledge, tools and methods are needed to control the spreading of the termites and to kill them. Moreover, there are different types of the termites and all of them require a special kind of the prevention treatment. If you are planning to discover termites and to take steps to kill them, you should first know the type of the termites and the proper method to prevent them.

Termites are harmful. They can cause a considerable damage to your furnishing and woodwork. According to a report, in some countries termite destroys up to 10% capital outlay of average building. So, it is important to take them seriously and to destroy them.

Types of the termites

As mentioned above, there are different types of termites and all of them require special attention for prevention and killing. You should recognize the type of the termite before taking any prevention step. If you have a little idea about the termite and you find it difficult to recognize them, then it is better to take the help of any expert. They can handle the situation in a better way. They will be able to recognize them and to take proper step to control their spreading.

There are five types of termites. They feed on cellulose. So, they do not find it difficult to survive at any home. Any home can be a safe haven for them. They are the silent killer and they can appear in any wood material without giving any indication of their presence. They can also feed on a book. Their survival instincts, their life period and everything depends on their type. Following are the five types of the termites.

• Conhead termites
• Drywood termites
• Dampwood termites
• Subterranean termites
• Formosan termites

It does not matter wherever you are living, all these termites can appear at your home and destroy your furnishing without your knowledge. Drywood termites are common among all these termites. They live and feed on wood. This type of the termite does not find it difficult to survive at any place and in any season. Drywood termites are destructive. They destroy your wood furniture.

It is not easy to distinguish among termites. If you are living in a coastal area, there is more possibility of drywood or dampwood termites. Subterranean termites are available in mud areas. Before planning any prevention and killing, it is better to collect the details of the termites so that you will be able to kill them completely.

Take the help of a professional 

It is always suggested to take the help of professionals for the prevention and killing of the termites. There are many benefits of hiring professionals. First of all, they are able to recognize the type of the termites and make plans accordingly. They can discover the source and destroy it completely to prevent reoccurrence. Moreover, some harmful chemical is used to kill the termites. It is better if the professionals will take care of it. If you will try to do it on your own, you can create troubles for you and your family.

How to prevent termites from spreading

You might not be able to kill termites completely. But you can take some precaution to prevent their spreading. There are many easy steps that you can follow to prevent termites from infesting your valuable properties. National Pest Management Association has suggested the following ten tips to prevent the spreading of the termites and to protect your furniture and wood materials.

• Eliminate Moisture 
To protect your home from the termites, the first thing you should do is to reduce or eliminate moisture from your home environment. A termite will find it difficult to survive without moisture.

• Repair leaking
Whenever you notice any leaking from water pipes, faucets, and AC units, consider repairing soon to avoid the creation and the spreading of the termites.

• Repair rotted roof Shingles
Termites require moisture for their existence and survival. And they also prefer to live in holes. So, repair facade, soffits, and decayed roof shingles.

• Replace loose motor and weather stripping 
Replace all the rotted things of your home to reduce the spreading of the termites. You can replace weather stripping loose motor around windows and basement foundation

• Make a proper arrangement of waste water
Make a planning for wastewater so that it will not be stored and blocked. Redirect water from your house by properly working gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks.

• Regular inspection of wood materials and mud tubes
You cannot notice the presence of termites until you have not discovered any destruction. To make sure that there is no termite, you can do a regular inspection of your furniture, wood material, and mud tubes to find out any appearance.

• Monitor all the exteriors
Termites can come at any time to any place. So, to reduce the chances of their existence and survival, you should regularly monitor all exterior areas that include windows, skirting boards, and door frames. If you find any noticeable changes in those things, immediately take the action to control the spreading.

• Maintain a proper gap between the soil and wood portions
If you want to protect your home from termites, then you will have to take care of every little thing. You should try to maintain an eighteen-inch gap between the wood portion and soil of your home. By doing this, you will reduce the chance of coming of termites.

• Go for an annual Professional Inspection
You might do every effort to discover the source of the termites and to prevent them. But you cannot do it efficiently and thoroughly like a professional. So, it is essential to hire a professional once in a year for a complete inspection. Remember that wood-boring insect damages will not be covered by the insurance. So, do every effort to prevent the spreading of the termites.

• Proper storage of the firewood
Termites find it easy to survive in the firewood. Try to store the firewood at least twenty feet away from your residence.

By following the above simple ten tips, you can prevent the spreading of the termites in the interior and exterior area of your home.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bed Bugs Bites Vs Mosquito Bites

How To Tell The Difference & How To Prevent These Bites? 

It is summer in Singapore, so you can assume that you will get bitten by a few bugs here and there. You may notice these bug bites on your arms and legs in the form of raised bumps, or you may even noticed them in particularly uncomfortable areas of your body, such as behind your ears, on your ankles or your stomach. No matter where you have bug bites, they can definitely be uncomfortable. However, it is likely that you do not even know what bug may have bitten you. Although bed bug bites and mosquito bites are the two most common bug bites. However, in order to tell whether a bed bug or a mosquito had bitten you, you need to be able to differentiate between these two bites.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs happen to be parasitic bugs that feed on your blood while you are asleep. These small bugs are around 3/16 of an inch, about the same size as an apple seed, and they cannot fly. Whether male or female, all bed bugs feed on human blood. They feed on blood just like mosquitoes do, i.e. they pierce the skin using their specialized mouthparts and draw up the blood after injecting an anti-coagulant into the system. It is possible to get these bites inside homes or offices in Singapore, or virtually any other place that is frequently crowded with people.

The appearance of bed bug bites is just like those of mosquitoes, but they are usually seen in groups of three or more and they are often noticed upon waking up. If you have been bitten by a bed bug, the bites either may have not had any effect on you or may have resulted in itchy red welts. As far as it is known, no known diseases are transmitted by bed bugs, but if you have an infestation of bed bugs in your house, it may cause a lot of anxiety and stress if they keep biting you and family. Getting rid of bed bugs can be difficult since they keep spreading easily.

Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes happen to by flying bugs that have a length of anywhere between 1/4 of inch and 3/8 of inch. It is the female mosquitoes that tend to bite, as they cannot nourish their eggs without blood. Female mosquitoes also pierce the skin using their specialized mouthparts and are able to draw up the blood more easily after injecting a blood anti-coagulant into the system. The manner in which the human body reacts to a mosquito bite is due to that anti-coagulant. People in Singapore are usually bitten by mosquitoes while they are outside in the opening, particular near areas of standing water or vegetation.

Typically, mosquito bites looks like an itchy and red welts that might be swollen and the area surround the welt often feels warm to the touch. If you have been bitten by a mosquito, you should be a bit concerned since they are known to carry and spread a wide range of diseases, such as dengue and yellow fever, and even the West Nile virus, which is potentially life threatening.

If you think that bed bugs may have bitten you, below are places you should look out for these insects, as well as signs that may indicate that bed bugs might be active inside your home.

-- You can find bed bugs around bed, but also in other places, such as along the seams of carpets and curtains, behind electrical outlets, behind hanging picture frames, inside bedside tables and/or inside upholstered furniture.

 -- Dark brown and/or reddish spots of blood on bed linens, box springs, furniture, head boards or mattresses are signs of bed bugs.-- Other signs of that these insects might be hiding nearby is when there is a cluster of cast bed bug skins near certain areas.-- You may have also ended up picking up bed bugs in a hotel room, a movie theater or on public transportation in Singapore. If you recently went to some public places, you can have brought these insects home with you from there.

If you suspect that your bites may be from mosquitoes, you can limit the populations of mosquitoes around your home by implementing the following prevention tips.

-- Areas where mosquitoes tend to breed should be eliminated.
 These include areas of standing water, anything where rainwater might accumulate, clogged ditches and gutters.-- Grass and weeds should be cut short since mosquitoes are often found in tall grasses.-- Some effective insect repellent should be used on clothing and/or on the skin when heading outside.-- Skin should be kept covered while outside.-- Time that is spent outside should be limited during peak mosquito activity times, particularly dawn and dusk.


If you were recently bitten by some bug, then the above will help you determine whether you have bed bug bites or mosquito bites. The above tips will also help you avoid getting bitten by either of these insects in the future.a

Friday, 2 October 2015

Top 7 Natural Remedy Of Bed Bugs

Do you find it difficult to get rid of bed bugs? Then maybe you are using an inappropriate method to kill them. Be sure to completely eliminate bed bugs from your home with the following natural remedies.

1. Regular cleaning of the bed
This technique is the key procedure in both preventing and eliminating bedbugs from your house. You may use other ways to kills bed bugs but without frequent cleaning of your bed, the bed bugs will always reoccur. You should use hot soapy water when cleaning you bed because cold water cannot kill bed bugs.

2. Use of Alcohol
This is another home remedy that is nice for use in getting rid of bed bugs. The procedure of using this remedy is very simple because you only pour alcohol into a spray bottle and then spay it on the surfaces attacked by bed bugs. You may opt to use a disposable towel to apply the alcohol solution especially when you don’t have a spray bottle. You should also apply the same alcohol on eggs of bed bugs in case you see them. Alcohol solution is a great home remedy for killing insects such as bed bugs.

3. Using Steam to eliminate Bed Bugs
Steam penetration is a home remedy procedure that is used by most professional pest control companies. Bed bugs are not able to bear the high temperatures of steam hence they get killed. The technique requires that you penetrate steam into your mattress. The steam penetrated is supposed to be heated into temperatures of more than 130 of which bed bugs cannot resist.

4. Using Peppermint Oil 
This product produces an odor that causes allergy to bed bugs. Peppermint is common oil that is found in almost all homes in Singapore. It is impossible for bed bugs to resist the smell of this oil and that is why they usually die whenever they come across the smell. The small kills then by making them to choke continuously until they die. Other oils such as lavender oil can also be used in place of peppermint oil. The only precaution that you have to observe before using this remedy is ensuring that there is no family member that is allergic to the oil so as to prevent harming that person.

5. Using Encasement to eliminate Bed Bugs
It is important that you clean the encasement on regular basis if you want to achieve effective results when killing bed bugs. Encasement is a technique of using zipped plastic wrappings to cover all furniture in your home. The technique is based on the idea that bed bugs are living things and they need oxygen for survival. The zipped plastic wrapping is intended to increase the levels of carbon IV oxide within the encasement. And since oxygen levels will go down within the encasement, the bedbugs will die with time. The encasement also prevents bedbugs from multiplying.

6. Using Clove To Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Clove is a common spice that can be used as a home remedy in killing bed bugs. Despite the fact that there are few people who knows about its uses, clove is effective in killing bed bugs. This spice contains oil that has an acidic pungent smell. The smell is as result of this oil containing an ingredient by the name Eugenel. This is a chemical that gives clove oil the odor and the acidic nature. Upon exposure to bed bugs, clove oil kills all bed bugs. The oil is to be applied on mattresses during its use.

7. Sun Soaking To Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are not able to withstand high temperatures. Sun-soaking is one of the best natural remedies that are most effective. Keeping your mattress under an open sun for long hours makes it to heat into more than 100 degrees. Be sure to kill all bedbugs because research shows that there is no single bed bug that is able to survive temperatures of more than 90 degrees. Sun-soaking a mattress is may look a simple strategy but it works well and cannot fail you in any manner. The only limitation you may encounter with this remedy is poor sun rays during the day that you want to kill them. However, it’s rare to have poor sun rays in more than two consecutive days.

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Monday, 4 May 2015

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs And Termites

Bed bugs and termites are small insects that infest mostly your home and leave it in the wreck. Bed bugs are known to infest the bedrooms and during the termites anything that is wood made. These are some of the embarrassing parasites that you can have in your home since to some extent they show low levels of your hygiene especially the bed bugs. Singapore provides the best breeding environment for both bedbugs and termites since it has a hot and humid climate. The country does not experience the winter and springs thus providing the perfect breeding ground for these insects. 

Although these bedbugs can also infest even the most cleaned bedrooms, they are highly associated with low hygiene places and especially where cleaning is not prioritized. The worst thing about these insects is the damage that they can cause to your health especially the bed bugs. Bugs are associated with skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and many other. 
Bedbugs feed on human blood and thus they can deteriorate your health significantly if they are not controlled. Both of them breed very fast and thus you need to manage them at the very first time that you realize that they are infesting your home. There are many methods on how to get rid bed bugs and termites that you can practice. Some may be natural while others may need the application of chemical methods. Here some of the main methods that you can use to eliminate these insects and paradise.

How to get rid of Bed bugs

These are the main methods that you can use to get rid of bedbugs once you notice their infestation.

• Application of Liquid Chemical

This is among the most effective methods of getting rid of the bedbugs very quickly. The chemical application has proven to kill these parasites together with their eggs thus eliminating them entirely. The products used to in chemical application must be certified to ensure the health of the homeowner. The quantity of the chemical application will highly depend on the severity of the infestation by these parasites. This method requires the homeowner to hire the services of an experienced service provider who has absolute knowledge of what liquid chemicals to apply the quantity. 

• Full structure fumigation.

This is the perfect method of bed bug control especially if you are living single family home. It is the best method for a stand-alone unattached structure, and the results are amazing. It can eliminate these parasites within a very short time. Full structure fumigation involves placing a tarp on you house and then inject a gas inside to kill these parasites. The best thing about this method and what makes it very effective is the fact that it kills all the bedbugs together with their eggs. This simply means that it can completely eliminate these parasites for good. Also, this method has no residuals like the liquid chemical applications.

• Using steaming and freezing

These are two methods that do not require any chemical application, and they have no adverse side effects in using them. Steaming means that you will be using high-temperature steam that is far above the normal heat that the bed bugs can survive in. The end results will be the death of the bedbugs together with their eggs. The same thing will happen to freeze the bed bugs. The low temperatures that are way below the survival temperature of the bed bugs will definitely kill these parasites. Freezing also has the potential of killing both the bed bugs and their eggs thus ensuring that these parasites are dealt with completely once and for all.

• Heating

Heating although it is a very expensive method of bed bug control, it is also a very effective way of gdealing with these parasites. Heating simply means to heat a room to a temperature above 125 degrees and the bed bugs will be dead together with their eggs.

• Apply bed bug powder

Application of the bed bug powder should be the last thing you should do, after all, the methods of bedbug application has been done. This powder ensures that the bed bugs do not come back after eliminating them. The powder should be sprayed especially every morning before you go to work, and you will never experience a bedbug bite.

How to get rid of termites

Termites are very easy to deal compared to bed bugs. These are the main methods that you can applied to deal with termites.

• Chemical application

The best thing about the termites in that you can easily see them on the walls of your home. All you have to be located where the termites are coming from. Treat the area with chemicals that are known and certified to kill. After some few days, you will never have any termite infestation in your home. Anti-termite chemicals are known to be very effective, and their results last for a long time. Boric acid is among the most effective chemical or this purpose

• Trapping

Termites love feeding on the cardboard. You can use this to trap and then kill them. Wet some flat strips of cardboard place them in an area where termites are likely to be. When the cardboard has be fully infested with insects, burn them in a safe area to ensure that no termite survives. This is a very simple and effective trap.

• Exposing the infested art to the sunlight

If the infested item is furniture, then this method would work perfectly well. Termites thrive in the darkness and thus they cannot survive in the sunlight. Also, the sunlight will come together with heat which cannot accommodate the termite’s delicate body.

• Freezing

If you live in an area where you do not access sufficient sunlight, then you can opt for a freezing method to eliminate these insects. If it is wooden furniture that has been infested, then you can place it in a large freezer and termites will be dead within a short time.

These are the main methods that you can employ to get rid of bed bugs and termites. They have been tested and certified to work exemplary very well. They are not costly and with the help of a professional, you will be able to achieve the best results.